Friday, October 12, 2012

Homemade Ravioli

Homemade Ravioli

After watching some TV series called "Simply Italian" I was obsessed with making homemade pasta. This is one of my many tries of making the famous Ravioli.

What You need:
(serving 4 people)
400g flour
4 eggs
Pinch of salt
Ricotta cheese
1 egg

Start making.

First make the pasta dough. Mix the flour with eggs and a pinch of salt. Knead it well and then leave it covered for about 20min. When it's done start rolling the dough. If You have the pasta making machine it's even better but I do it the old-fashion way - with a rolling pin. Even though after rolling the dough with my hands I can not move them the next day, it feels pretty good that You make Everything yourself. So your pasta dough should be as thin as possible. 

Now lets make the filling. It's as easy as it can get. Just chop the spinach, mix them with ricotta cheese, one egg and some salt and pepper.

I make my ravioli very simple. Cut evenly square pieces of dough. Put o tea spoon of filling in the middle and cover with another square piece of dough. Push the air out from where the filling is by tapping the around it while You close the filling completely. Then I like to use my rolling pin to make sure the edges are sealed properly and no water will get in. Just one roll outside the filling on each edge and it is done.

Boil in salted water for about 4-5min. It depends on Your ravioli size and thickness for how long You need to boil them.

Sprinkle with some Parmesan cheese and if You like have them with Your sauce of choice.

Enjoy xxx

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